BENCHMADE9051BK-1601 AFO II Custom Exclusive Gray Handle

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The AFO was our first automatic platform ever and it's had some upgrades over the years, but the overall design is still the same. The AFO-II push-button auto has become a proven tool used in all branches of the Armed Forces. MOLLE® compatible. Made in USA.  

his exclusive gray handled AFO puts our core tactical auto in a new light (or dark), with a handle color that blends in, like those who carry it.

BLADE LENGTH 3.56" (9.04cm) BLADE THICKNESS 0.124" (3.15mm)
OPEN 8.51" (21.62cm)
CLOSED 4.95" (12.57cm)
WEIGHT 5.80oz (164.43g)
HANDLE THICKNESS 0.60" (15.20mm)