Böker Plus GITFO-DA

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The Boker Plus GITFO-DA is the compact version of the extremely ergonomic Boker Plus GITFO. It offers the same grippiness, but presents itself as a neck knife due to its shorter length, as its slim all-steel construction is very flat and compact and offers outstanding wearing comfort. The ring at the end of the handle ensures countless grip and handling options and makes the GITFO-DA an excellent back-up. The bead chain and Kydex sheath make the GITFO-DA comfortable to wear around the neck and easy to reach. The sheath can also be equipped to attach to a belt for added versatility. In combination with the ring, the grooves and riffling on the handle and blade ensure well-conceived ergonomics. Made from 440c , with stonewash finish. Including slim kydex sheath and ball chain.

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