Discreet Holster by HBC Concealment Claw

DISCREET Holster by HBC Concealment

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This holster is designed for concealed carry, whether you wear a suit and tie or t-shirt and blue jeans every day. It fits well anywhere on your waist, from appendix carry, to small of back.

The holster utilizes a strong, durable, belt clip with the ability to adjust the cant angle. 

The clip is offset from the holster to allow you to tuck your shirt in between the firearm and the clip for complete concealability, even when wearing a dress shirt.

The Ulti-Clip option offers the same concealability as the standard clip, but the Ulti-Clip is designed to firmly grip onto pants without the need for a belt.

The Claw is designed to rotate the holster in such a way that it presses the grip of your firearm tighter to your body to minimize "printing".

The adjustment screw allows you to custom tailor the resistance of the draw to your liking. 

Constructed out of tough, .080” kydex, this holster can handle anything that you can throw at it, from everyday carry, to rough days of training at the range.