Ghost Inc., Tactical Trigger, 5.0 lb., Fits Glock, Non Drop-In

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The best 5lb. trigger control connector guaranteed to make you shoot better and faster!

All in one complete kit!

      We combined all the parts necessary for a do it yourself installation of the TACTICAL 5.0 LB and to give you the option for two setups. Reliability enhancing, hard hitting strike or go a bit lighter for more of a target trigger pull. You save a few bucks and get everything in one shot! The Kit includes 7 parts:

Please Note that all trigger kits and Installation kits now come with the COMPLETE SPRING KIT

1.) 1-TACTICAL 5.0 LB.

2.) 1- 6.0 lb Trigger Spring

3.) 1- 4.0 lb Firing Pin Spring

4.) 1- 6.0 lb Firing Pin Spring

5.) 1-Ghost Armorers Plate

6.) 1-Ghost Armorers Tool

7.) 1- Reduced power firing pin safety spring.

Please Note: The 4.0 lb Firing Pin Spring may cause light primer strikes in some pistols. The 4.0 Firing Pin Spring is best used in Target/Sport shooting.

For Self Defense or in a 10mm/45 caliber Glock we recommend the 6.0 lb firing pin spring.