iTarget Pro 380mm w/Sled

iTarget Laser Training System, iTarget PRO Sled and Laser Bullet Package. Firearms training package

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  • All you need to improve and maintain accuracy with dry fire training
  • Kit includes 1 Laser Bullet of your choice and iTarget Sled and Batteries
  • Universal fit for Phone and Android phones up to 3.5” in width
  • Additional Lasers can be purchased allowing you to practice with different caliber guns
  • Rubber primer allows for harmless dry-fire training for your gun
  • Make sure to select your guns proper caliber when ordering


Bullet Material: Brass
Primer Material: Rubber
Power Supply: 3x LR626 Batteries (Included)
Bullet Calibers: 9mm, 380 ACP, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 38 Spec, 357 Sig, 223, 10mm
Sled Material: High-Density Plastic
Sled Target Dimensions: 8.5"X11" Sheet