Karambit Alu

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The Karambit is a work knife that has its roots in the Malayan Archipelago. The ring on the handle butt was first documented in the 11th century. The crescent-shaped blade is still used today in fishing and pruning knives. Thanks to the ring on the handle butt, you can have your hands free without putting the knife down, which means that you are far less likely to lose it, e.g. on a boat. These days, however, the ring is mainly used by athletes, e.g. for several Filipino martial arts like Pencak Silat or Filipino Kali, to make the knife rotate around the little finger. Ernest Emerson was a pioneer in the renaissance of this knife type. He also holds the patent for the so-called Emerson Wave, a small hook on the spine of the blade used to open the blade as you pull the knife out of your pocket. Aluminum handle scales. With linerlock and clip.

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