Olight ORB-186S35 HDC 18650 3500mAh 3.6V

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Olight ORB-186S35 HDC 18650

High Drain Li-Ion Battery

There is no more reliable or long-lasting power source for your high drain device than the Olight ORB-186S35 HDC 18650! Originally designed to grant the X7 Marauder its intense output, this high-performance cell features a powerful INR chemistry that provides both sizable capacity and a high discharge current. The HDC 18650 is able to output 10 Amps of current, giving high powered devices the juice they need to get the job done, and can hold a massive 3500 mAh charge, leaving you with plenty of runtime before recharging. Give your high drain devices the power they deserve with the Olight ORB-186S35 HDC 18650!

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