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In 1952 Alan Ladd and Virginia Mayo starred in The Iron Mistress, a story about a young Jim Bowie. As far as most of us kids were concerned, the star of the movie was the Bowie knife the movie was named for, and we all wanted one. The knife was created by Warner Brothers prop department, and it became one of the most iconic and recognizable movie knives ever made. The same knife was later used in movies Davey Crockett, The Last Command, John Waynes The Alamo, and in the pilot for The Adventures Of Jim Bowie tv series. A few custom knife makers have produced exact replicas of the knife, but they tend to range in price from two to four thousand dollars. This knife is mint new, never carried, sharpened or used in any way. The maker is Steve Voorhis, whose knives in general have become more and more desireable as a collector brand, and quality hand made knife as time has gone on. I have been told that Steve does not make as many knives as he used to, and consequently his knives are bit harder to find. Whether or not that is true, I do not know. I was fortunate to aquire 2 of Steves gorgeous examples of The Iron Mistress. I really only need one, so I am offering someone else the enjoyment of owning one. The knife has a flat ground 5160 high carbon steel blade. The knife is 16.5" overall, blade length 11", blade width at widest 2 3/8", and blade thickness mics at .228 ( .250 = 1/4" ) . This knife is also what is called a "brass back". This refers to a brass strip brazed to the top, unsharpened edge of the blade. The purpose of the brass back is to catch or parry an oponents blade. The cross guard is nickle silver. The scaloped collar, handle mosaic pins, and pommel are all brass. I believe the handle is micarta, charcoal with grain, and has a white micarta blank name plate inlaid on the left side only. Also included is one of Steves heavy leather sheaths. While not an exact copy of the original, Steves version has the prominent features and flavor of the original. This is a very high quality knife, worthy of being included in any collection. Please note, the blade is almost a mirror polish, and shows reflections of pictures on the wall, etc, not defects of any sort. Continental U.S. bidders and shipping ONLY. Shipping is U.S.P.S. Priority Mail with Delivery Conformation. Winner must have a Paypal verified residential or business ship to address, as I do not ship to P.O. Boxes. I do not sell cutlery to minors. By participating in this auction bidders and/or winner certifies that he or she is an adult 18 years of age or older, and not prohibited by law from owning such an item. Seller will not take any responsibility for the use or mis use of this item.

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