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The Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 Scope w/ TA51 Mount, Horseshoe Ballistic Reticle TA11H features a Horseshoe BAC Reticle and Target Reference System. Model TA11H features a ranging reticle that is calibrated for 5.56 (.223 cal) flat-top rifles to 1000 meters, whereas Model TA11H-308 features a ranging reticle that is calibrated for 7.62(.308 cal) flattop rifles out to 1200 meters. These Trijicon ACOG scopes include a Flat Top Adapter. Daytime illumination is provided by fiber optics and Tritium illuminates these scopes at night.

Trijicon's revolutionary Advanced Compact Optical Gunsight (ACOG), originally designed for the military, is now offered in a lightweight compact design. Available in a variety of reticle and magnification configurations, Trijicon Compact ACOG Gun Scope is ideally suited for a wide range of firearm applications and shooting situations. Trijicon Compact ACOG Day&Night Scope is the smaller, lighter weight and more compact version of full sized Trijicon ACOG Weapon Sight. Even with its reduced size, the Compact ACOG Riflescope by Trijicon delivers the same precision any-light aiming capabilities…the same accuracy…and the same tough, dependable performance as the original Trijicon ACOG Riflesight. At less than 6 ounces, Trijicon Compact ACOG BAC Scope Sight is perfect for fast-moving tactical teams operating in close quarters or for speed-oriented competition venues.

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