Basic Firearms Training Class & CWL Cert

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In the Florida Concealed Weapons License and Basic Firearms Training course for your Florida Concealed weapons license you will most importantly learn firearms safety as well as the fundamentals of shooting, real world defensive shooting techniques, and how to defend yourself with a firearm. You’ll also become well versed in the State of Florida laws pertaining to conceal carrying and self-defense. We will focus on “what-if” scenarios that can occur in the street or at home. This is no run of the mill soft “hotel conference room” or “gun show” training course—you will fire a real gun with live rounds. Rest assured, we have well trained professional instructors with real-world experience in firearm training and safety. We operate with small class sizes to create a better learning environment and all instruction and shooting is conducted at our training facility. We provide you with everything you need to obtain your State of Florida Conceal Carry license.